Invincible - Original Stag Painting

38 cm x 38 cm, framed in a 50 cm box frame
Acrylic on paper 

One of the first paintings Sarah ever completed in her splashy style; the iconic stag painting 'Invincible' is partly responsible for Sarah giving up her day job, to become a full time artist.

Invincible story
Deep in the forest, foraging for berries I came face to face with Tarquin the stag. We were both rather startled at first, but after a few moments the calmness in Tarquin’s eyes made me feel at ease. I shared some berries, he ate.  The king of the highlands was my friend for 3.5 minutes, after which we parted company. He with a belly full of juicy berries, I with and empty bag.

Watch him develop through this time-lapse video:


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