Elvis - Coming Soon!!

You guessed it! I'm Elvis, and I'm afraid it's true - I have a soft spot for custard creams :-/ 

I have a guilty pleasure; I cannot resist a Custard Cream, the king of biscuits. Other snacks come and go, but as long as I have my morning coffee with a few custard creams to dunk I'm as happy as Larry. Larry on the other hand was happier before I started taking more than my fair share of Custard Creams, but we are good friends and every now and then I manage to secure us both some chocolate hobnobs, and that more than makes up for it in Larry’s eyes.

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I'll soon be featuring across Sarah's full range of fine wall artwork, homeware, giftware, stationary and accessories - I can't wait!


My new character will feature across the full range of fine artwork, homeware, giftware and accessories