Florence, Gladys, Herdy Gerdy & King Arthur the sheep

Florence stands on top of a rocky outcrop waiting for her gang to arrive. It’s late afternoon and time for their daily adventure round the rocks and into the little ditch. Today they will mainly be jumping erratically, running to the grassy knoll, skipping wholeheartedly over the ditch, and fighting to be the king of the castle on the big boulder at the top of the field. This is Florence’s favourite game, and she’s determined to keep her crown.

Gladys is of the guardians of the Lakeland fells on the summit of Ladyside Pike. One night she had taken leave from her regiment after a disagreement about the beck at the foot of Whinlatter Pass. She was still wearing her colours, and was most insistent I share my cheese and marmite sandwiches with her. I was happy to oblige, as I’d spread the marmite a little too thick.

HerdyGerdy is a Herdwick sheep and guardian of the fells. She is highly skilled in surveillance and cipher, using the placement of droppings to communicate with scouts from nearby reconnaissance teams. Next time you’re out on the fells, watch where you step!

King Arthur's horns are like a badge of honour amongst Herdwick rams; If you have the biggest or most beautiful horns you’re onto a winner. King Arthur of Langdale takes great pride in his magnificent hornage, and regularly struts his stuff on the catwalks of Lakeland. His pruning routine can take up to 3.5 hours of a show day, but he knows it is worth every minute when he claims his prize.



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Simply Stunning Canvas

I purchased the canvas of Invincible the Stag as a Christmas present and it is a really stunning piece of artwork. The website can you only give you a flavour of the colours, however they are bold, bright and brilliant. If we had room in our house I would fill it with more. Very original, we love your work Sarah.

Foxy Placemats

I bought 4 fox-related placemats from Sarah as a Christmas gift for a special friend. I bought 4 singles, rather than a set - which worked out to be the slightly more expensive option - because I wanted variety. The quality of these mats was fabulous - very luxurious. My friend was highly delighted with them and hasn't stopped gushing about how gorgeous they are!

These look amazing!

I was lucky enough to get a set of these for Christmas. They are great quality and look amazing. Just need an excuse to get them out (they are far to nice to use everyday!)

Stylish & unique apron

I bought this as a Christmas present for my brother in Sweden. He does a lot of cooking and used to live in Scotland so this seemed ideal as it is a little quirky, just like him! He loves it so I'm very pleased.

Superb Christmas Present!

I bought Florence coaster for a friend for Christmas to match the Florence cushion I bought her for her birthday. Both were of very good quality and of course had the superb paintings by Sarah.Perfect presents!