Night's Watch and Oracle the owls


Night’s Watch

I will never forget those eyes, they pierce your soul, read your deepest thoughts …. and then announce them to the world before you know what’s happening. Margery seemed so gentle and friendly, but let me tell you – if you ever find yourself in a confined space with Margery the Owl, don’t be fooled.

The Oracle 

You only get to ask the Oracle one question, so choose carefully. Trust your heart, not your mind (that’s what they say, anyway). Cornelia knows everything. Look into those eyes, she knows what you need to know, the answer will come, it always does.

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Great colours

Love my new chopping board - it brightens up my kitchen.

Beautiful contemporary artwork

Our collection is growing and bringing a smile to every room they decorate

Cyril cushion

What a beautiful gift for my friend’s birthday. She loved it!

Cyril the squirrel chopping board

Really lovely item Really different gift idea for my mum and she loved it

Perfect Mother's Day gift

The chopping board was beautifully presented and packaged to perfection to ensure no breakages during delivery. My mum was thrilled to receive this as a gift on Mother's Day! Absolutely gorgeous. Would highly recommend!