Elvis, Invincible and Monarch the stags

Elvis has a guilty pleasure; he cannot resist a Custard Cream. Other snacks come and go, but as long as he has his morning coffee with a few custard creams to dunk he’s as happy as Larry. Larry on the other hand was happier before Elvis started taking more than his fair share of Custard Creams, but they are good friends and every now and then Elvis manages to secure them some chocolate hobnobs, and that more than makes up for it in Larry’s eyes.

Invincible ... deep in the forest, foraging for berries I came face to face with Invincible the stag. We were both rather startled at first, but after a few moments the calmness in Invincible’s eyes made me feel at ease. I shared some berries, he ate.  The king of the highlands was my friend for 3.5 minutes, after which we parted company. He with a belly full of juicy berries, I with and empty bag

Monarch... down in the glen on a grey February morning, Monarch stands strong and proud. Even though we are hiding behind the great oak he knows we are there, yet Monarch does not care. He is the Monarch of this glen, and he knows he will brighten our day.