Cyril, Felicity & Percy the squirrels

Cyril the Squirrel darts between the trees with armfuls of nuts. He spots me out of the corner of his eye and nonchalantly drops his rather impressive pile of hazelnuts, spins on one foot and poses for the camera. He has been preening himself all morning and prides himself on having the best ears, and fluffiest tail in all of Milk Wood.

Felicity is also a collector of nuts and queen of the treasure hunt, Felicity the red squirrel is quite the practical joker. Her favourite game is to adopt an innocent squirrel pose and spy on her victims as they hide their nuts for winter. After the unsuspecting squirrel has departed, she quickly uncovers the nut for repositioning, leaving a cryptic note in its place.

Percy the Squirrel leaps about high up in the canopy, scampering up and down tree trunks. He's feeling a little more daring today and sneaks down close to my hiding spot. Before I know what’s happening he’s stolen my breakfast, and has his eye on my pink feather boa. Although it would suit him, that’s one step too far and he makes a hasty retreat with a cheeky look in his eye.

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Simply Stunning Canvas

I purchased the canvas of Invincible the Stag as a Christmas present and it is a really stunning piece of artwork. The website can you only give you a flavour of the colours, however they are bold, bright and brilliant. If we had room in our house I would fill it with more. Very original, we love your work Sarah.

Foxy Placemats

I bought 4 fox-related placemats from Sarah as a Christmas gift for a special friend. I bought 4 singles, rather than a set - which worked out to be the slightly more expensive option - because I wanted variety. The quality of these mats was fabulous - very luxurious. My friend was highly delighted with them and hasn't stopped gushing about how gorgeous they are!

These look amazing!

I was lucky enough to get a set of these for Christmas. They are great quality and look amazing. Just need an excuse to get them out (they are far to nice to use everyday!)

Stylish & unique apron

I bought this as a Christmas present for my brother in Sweden. He does a lot of cooking and used to live in Scotland so this seemed ideal as it is a little quirky, just like him! He loves it so I'm very pleased.

Superb Christmas Present!

I bought Florence coaster for a friend for Christmas to match the Florence cushion I bought her for her birthday. Both were of very good quality and of course had the superb paintings by Sarah.Perfect presents!